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How to Prepare Students for Common Core Tests

We knew the question was coming, and it may, at first, send shivers down the spines of math reformists who read between the lines and see, “How can we teach to this test?” Digging more deeply, this is an important question, a question that can create the momentum necessary to drive the changes that Common Core promises for mathematics instruction. As such, the question should be welcomed, even with the implied nuances that suggest that we are transitioning to more of the same: old habits, new standards, new test. At the crux of the transition is the means of assessment. Does it measure what is truly significant and capture the essence of what it means to reason and perform mathematically. If so, then for once, teaching “to the test” could be part of the force driving reform when “Teachers have to create learning experiences that ask students to do much more than “remember” and “tell

typical pre Common Core assessment item

released sample Common Core assessment item



Everything You Need to Know About Common Core Testing — THE Journal.


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